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New studio finished!

Big tones, Toronto studio, Peruvian ears.

What I do
What I do:

From pre-production, recording, tracking, mixing or mastering, I enjoy music and especially the process it takes to finalize it.

I believe each song and record deserves particular attention as it is a work of art on its own, which is why every project is treated in a very unique manner to get the best results.

If you're looking to make your albums sound organic, real and modern, let's chat.

As a multi-instrumentalist I'm happy to work with singer songwriters as well, being able to move the project along with the artist's vision, in collaboration as well with many amazing musicians I've used in multiple occasions. 

Based out of Toronto,  I'm available to mix projects from anywhere in the world, having had the luck to work extensively with bands from Canada, USA, Spain, Peru, Chile and Argentina, as well as tracking out of my studio in the Danforth, or in many other studios in the city. On top of that, my rig is fully mobile, so there's also the option of recording it in less conventional locations.

For more information please Email Me

Yamaha, Drums, Cymbals, Light, XLR

"I have been in and out of studios for over twenty years, as a player, as a producer, as a songwriter, and I know a great engineer when I see one…Guillermo made it easy for me to focus on the performance and the song without worrying about the technical side of the process.  I had complete trust in his ability to get the best sound and keep the whole session running smoothly. I also found his creative insights and decision-making valuable assets. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

         Gary Louris - The Jayhawks

"I am lucky for having worked with many talented sound engineers through the years, and sometimes, even with a few that are very VERY good. I believe that Guillermo is one of the best: 

 he is fast, precise, and he just has great ears!

I always enjoy his work"


Victor Mijares - A&R
                    Warner Music


Producer (P)Mastering (MT), Mix (M), Recording (R), Assistant (A)

  • - Moscow Apartment - Better Daughter (P,M, Drums, Bass, Percussion)

  • - Claire Coupland  - Leave Me Alone - (P,M,R, Drums, Bass)

  • - Quique Escamilla - Encomienda - (P,M,R)

  • - Conor Gains - Compass - (P,MT,M,R)

  • - Dreaming Of A Jewish Christmas (Documentary) - (R)

  • - Brooke Lanziner - Creep On/Stop The World - (P, R,M,MT/Band)

  • - Dallas And Robo (Youtube Red Series) - (R,M)

  • - The Upper Tunist - Self-titled - (P,R,M,MT, Drums/Guitar/Bass)

  • - Vivienne Wilder - Walking Up The Dinosaurs - (P, M,R)

  • - The Handsome Ned's - Live at The Horseshoe (MT)

  • - The Sadies - Northern Passages (R, M)

  • - Angela Saini - EP (P,R)

  • - Angela Hilts - LP (P,R)

  • - Nevada - Before You Go (P, R, M, Drums)

  • - Benton Roark - Deep in the Pocket, Still no Change (P,R,M,Drums)

  • - Ferraro - Losing Sleep  (R, M)

  • - Brooke Lanziner - (P,R,M,MT)

  • - Silus - Silus EP (R, M)

  • - Alissa Vox Raw - Hand Out (M)

  • - Ferraro - Video Session (R, M, MT)

  • - Doug Davies  - EP (M)

  • - KAYD - EP (MT)

  • - Erika Werry & The Alphabets - A. Vowel (P, M, R, session Keys)

  • - Eastborough - Winter Fire, Summer Youth (P, R, M, Drums)

  • - Byrne & Kelly - Live Streaming @ Revolution Recording (M)

  • - Outerspacerz - EP (MT)

  • - Yasmin Soul - Oh nanana (MT)

  • - Mel Monaco - EP (P, R)

  • - Alma Cassels - EP (P, R, M)

  • - The Honeyrunners - Signals (R, M, MT, Bass player)

  • - The Sadies - Archives Volumen I (M)

  • - Krista Muir - A Pocket Full of Lullabies - (R, M)

  • - Roman Dane - Walk Beside Me * Single (M)

  • - Not My Brother - Short film by Tiny Town Media (ADR R)

  • - Arkora - Songs from the Rainshadow's Edge (M)

  • - Whitney Rose & The Mavericks - Heartbreaker of the Year (R)

  • - Sarah Harmer - Odessa 2014 (Polaris Series) (R, M)

  • - Defiant the Lion - Ep1 (M, MT)

  • - The Sadies  – Internal Sounds 2013 (R)

  • - Sam Cash & TRD – Stand Together,Fall Together 2013 (M)

  • - The Tea Party – The Ocean At The End (A)

  • - Devin Cuddy Band  – Regent Park School Session (R, M)

  • - Ferraro – Ferraro EP (M, Additional R)

  • - Sarah MacDougall – I Want To See The Light (Tape op))

  • - Alejandra Riberta – Radio I Want 2014 (R)

  • - The Good Family – Self Titled 2013 (R)

  • - Al Tuck – Stranger At The Wake 2012 (R)

  • - Jane Bunnett  –Voices of Desendan 2009 (A)

  • - Rueben & The Dark – EP (R)

  • - Gryphon Trio - (R)

  • - Bidini Band – The Motherland (A)

  • - Tim Hicks – Hey Ya Single 2013 (R)

  • - Said The Whale – Itunes Sessions 2013 (A)

  • - Eason Chan - Brass Recordings 2013 (R)-

  • - Whitehorse – Itunes Sessions 2013 (A)

  • - Do Good Assasins  – Live to 2 track 2013 (R, M)

  • - Matthew Barber – Big Romance (Tape op)​

- Royal Wood & Good Lovelies - Live off the floor for video. (M,R,MT)

- The Mercenaries - EP (R,M,MT)

- Angela Saini - EP (R,P)

Live Sound
  • - Dwayne Gretzky - FOH Mixing

  • - Balaklava Blues - FOH Mixing

  • - Dan Mangan -  FOH Mixing 

  • - Sarah Harmer - FOH Mixing/Tour Manager

  • - Joel Plaskett - FOH Mixing

  • - Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs - FOH Mixing

  • - Sarah McDougall - FOH Mixing

  • - Good Lovelies - FOH Mixing

  • -  Protest The Hero - FOH Mixing

  • - The Sadies – FOH Mixing – June 2011-July 2017(Worldwide Tours)

  • - Gord Downie & The Sadies – FOH Mixing (Worldwide Tours)

  • - Randy Bachman & The Sadies – FOH Mixing (Canadian Tours)

  • - Doug Paisley – FOH Mixing

  • - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – FOH Mixing

  • - Adammo – FOH Mixing (South American Tours)

  • - MXPX – Monitor Mixing (South America)

  • - Lagwagon – FOH Mixing (Peruvian tour)

Sennheiser, Fendr, Lights, Tama


I have 20 years of performing, producing, song writing, mixing albums, recording and  doing live sound around the world. 


I emerged from the Peruvian punk rock scene of the early 2000s, with a DIY approach that allowed me to play countless shows, organize festivals and work as a sound engineer for several bands at a local studio in Lima, as well as doing live sound.


After a 2 year period at The Banff Centre, where I worked alongside great artists and producers (Jane Bunnet, The Bad Plus, Joni Mitchell) at the state of the art facilities in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, I moved back to Peru where I toured as the Front of House engineer for Adammo (Latin Grammy nomination and MTV Latin America Award recipient), mixing shows with audiences of up to 120,000 people. 


At the same time I had the pleasure of mixing shows as a freelance Front of House engineer for artists like Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Mike Herrera (MXPX), Youth Of Today, and many more.

In December of 2010, I moved to Toronto, Canada where I started gaining a reputation as a mixing engineer and musician, sharing stage with Measha Brueggergosman, The Honeyrunners, Pat Robitaille and Cayley Thomas.

Before opening my own studio in the city, I was lucky to have taught at Recording Arts Canada, toured worldwide with The Sadies and engineered out of Revolution Recording for 2 years.

In 2014 I decided to continue as a freelancer and work now from my studio in Roncesvalles, where I keep having fun making records, songwriting for TV and Cinema, as well as mixing and recording for Youtube with credits including "Dallas and Robo" and "Dreaming of A Jewish Christmas". The new and improved location is now in the Danforth.

I have the luck to have a seat on the board for Literal Change. A non-for profit organization which focuses in reducing illiteracy numbers in detention centres and penitentiaries. Through social labour I believe we can make a better community for everyone.



Pacha Sound / Guillermo Subauste, Email,  416-518-6832
Band / The Honeyrunners, Email

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